Frame Department

Frame Replacement and Repair

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Many accidents result in frame or unibody damage. Our frame department carefully evaluates each vehicle and straightens as necessary. Each car or truck has either a separate frame and body, or a unibody, where the two are connected. Our shops are fully equipped for frame work. Vehicles are driven onto the frame machine and the laser measurement system assesses the damage. If the frame is square, the vehicle goes on to the next step in the process. If not the car or truck is secured to the machine and a 10 ton hydraulic ram is attached where the frame needs to be straightened. The  tension is slowly increased to pull the frame back into place. Throughout the process, the measurement system continues to evaluate the frame and the tension is adjusted as necessary, until the frame meets the manufacturer’s specifications. In rare instances, the frame cannot be straightened; has to be replaced. In either case, our experienced technicians take care of your vehicle throughout the process

♣ Full frame repair:
♣ Full frame replacement
♣ Unibody repair: frame and body are one piece
♣ Unibody replacement (cutting and welding)

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