Body Department

Panel Replacement and Repair

collision repair estimate After the original estimate and intake the repair process for the body of the car begins. The affected areas are disassembled and any further damage is evaluated and written into a supplement. The supplement notes any parts or labor hours necessary that were not visible during the original estimate. The supplement is submitted to the insurance company to be okayed. All damaged areas are marked and documented. The areas of lighter damage that are repairable are straightened. In areas that sustained heavy damage the parts that make up the body of the car are removed and the car is prepared for the installation of new or aftermarket parts after they have been painted to match the color of the car (this two step process is known as R and I). The panels of the body, as well as fiberglass and plastic pieces can all be repaired or replaced by our skilled technicians. After final assembly all vehicles are detailed to prepare for pick up.

♣ Panel repair
♣ Panel replacement
♣ Fiberglass repair or replacement
♣ Plastics

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